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Images and text herein are copyrighted and

property of the office of Peter W. Charapko  Architect


Inquiries about projects, histories and related

design are to be directed to these same addresses.






Selected list of General Contractors 


Piro Construction    SAI Contracting Corp    Clonard Construction

Robert Lee    Synergy Construction    Lilaclandscape    LOCON, Inc.

E.W. Howell    Dewees Mellor    Trieste    M & T Construction 

Liberty Management and Construction   Anchor Construction   StructureTone      

True Contracting Inc.    Humphrey Construction (Saugerties NY)

Website by Margot Bennett 

And The Office of Peter W. Charapko Architect





Architecture is buildings, rooms, the land around us, and cities.


It is also the making of all of these.


In doing so, an architect responds to a client's invitation.

They must hear each other. Then, a vision may become

as full as possible.


This is to thank the many individuals, couples,

companies and institutions to whom I have tried to listen, and

for their foresight and patience


    -  Peter W. Charapko

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